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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ramblin' Man

Our next Idiotic Comment is from this article about the Wikileaks leak posted by one First Sergeant. Permission to read? Granted.

Julian Assange is another US hating idiot with strong ties to European socialists who feel the US is the source of all of the worlds problems. If only the US would just go away, the world could finally fall into a socialist utopia. Assange never leaks any classified documents from any country that considers itself an enemy of the US. All of his energy is devoted to undermining US war efforts. He is a vile man that is already responsible for the deaths of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has being accused multiple times of rape and molestation in Sweden and Britain, he is constantly moving to avoid prosecution and doesnt seem to show his face in his home country of Australia anymore. He takes refuge in parts of Europe that would like nothing more than to see the US fall. There is a special place in hell for a man like this. If Europeans are so impressed witht this guy, then the next time a raving lunatic decides to conquer Europe and subjegate its people to tyranny, death and dictatorship, Americans should negotiate a peace treaty with the tyrant and allow Europe to fall. The US has been protecting these ingreatful sissy pasifists for the last 65 years and spending a great deal of our treasure and blood in the process and for what? So they can complain, call us the tyrants and aid our enemies. In the mean time they live under the umbrella of freedom we provide them advancing their socialist democracies with no obligation or expenditure for defense. Not one more drop of American blood should be shed for ungrateful, undeserving Europeans who are unwilling to defend themselves. let them be subjegated to the tyranny of another Hitler or to the Islamic hordes.

Where to begin. Well, my favorite part is: "The US has been protecting these ingreatful [sic] sissy pasifists [sic] for the last 65 years and spending a great deal of our treasure and blood in the process and for what?"

I guess if you hate war, you hate the US. And because of the US's intervention in World War II all of our subsequent actions should be blindly hailed as necessary and perfect.

What They Don't Get Is Correct Spelling

Our very first comment appeared under Sarah Palin's bitchy, annoying and definitely-not-written-by-her Thanksgiving Facebook post.

Walter B Yes Jan Anderson ! US gun packin, bible toatin, GOD fearin, christians do get it. The freedom to worship our Lord and savour Jesus Christ of our own free will, Unlike Islam if you convert from Islam to be a christian you lose your head. And Jan they do cut it off & put it on a stake in your front yard as a warning to others. Now Jan go back to sleep.

I wonder what Jesuses tastes like... Good luck going to sleep after that description, Jan.

Because this is the first post, how about one more from Walter?

Walter B President Palin their are 57 states in Kenya.

This short "sentence" has it all: "President Palin", their/there confusion, and a Kenya mention. Oh and not surprisingly, Kenya has eight provinces.